Resolutions for 2012? You know what to do...

I hope that fellow Americans this 2012 year think about their Health.....and what I mean by Health is not just avoiding illness, but actually going out and developing a full Robust Life Existence!   For Life to be Lived, one must strive to be in the Best Physical Shape.  As the expression goes,"Health is Wealth".  

How does one start?    To begin the discussion,another expression helps us,"We are what we put into our bodies". This makes sense.....and a lot of sense.  Something is wrong when we see 40% of our fellow 312 Million Americans in the Obesity Category.   Such obesity is associated with Adult Diabetes, Hypertension and a shortened life existence. What you put into your bodies may end up killing you unless you resolve to better understand more about food, nutrition and government actions that effect food and nutrition. To start, try to broaden your food knowledge by reading more about plant-based way to health. This will contrast with the animal-based.....and you can decide along with your Physician what course to take. The documentary "Forks over Knives" will help you greatly here.

The next Resolution? Include Exercise as a daily routine.  Muscles throughout your body are meant to be exercised.....that is what muscles do....they stretch and they doing so, they perform a functions.  Muscles stand out when they are exercised and you will feel good when you look good in appearance.   However, looking good does not mean that you are taking care of your Heart Muscle because the Heart Muscle requires a Different kind of Exercise. You have to speed up the Heart Rate to test its pumping action in delivering blood and oxygen throughout your body.  Exercising your Heart over time will greatly improve its function, but before doing so you need to make sure that the Heart Vessels are sufficiently open to deliver the increase in blood flow. Check with your physician in case they want to perform an Exercise Stress Test.

The Third Resolution that I would like you to understanding and attempting to manage your stress levels. You will always have stress, but it does not have to kill you. There is no magical formula to conquer Stress. The best help that I can give you is to view stress differently. Let us say that we have a hammer and that we will hit four types of jars and try to break them.....the first is a glass jar and it breaks into a thousand pieces.....the second is a plastic jar and it breaks but just splatters into large pieces....the third is a rubber jar and the hammer just bounces off......the last jar is a Oak Wood Jar and it barely makes an imprint.   In this story, the Stressor (Hammer) is always the same, but the make-up of the Jar determines the Outcome.   What you need to do here is to develop the attitude. "Don't sweat the small stuff......that its all small stuff"... and put Stress behind you.

In conclusion, Yes, it is important to make New Year's take on a New Self to enter 2012, but most of what You need to do, You already Know......You are an intelligent human being and you need to use this intelligence to plan what you can put into your to exercise the muscles of your body..... and finally how to see stress in a light so as to manage it.    You can do it provided you have the Will to do it ....and only You can provide that.

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Dr. Raymond Bahr writes articles about the EHAC movement. He has also done several videos that outline the importance of Early Heart Attack Care.

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Dr. Raymond Bahr

Dr. Raymond Bahr is passionate about cardiac care and preventive education. As the founding father of the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (now ACC Accreditation Services), his passion to disseminate lifesaving information is a driving force behind the Deputy Heart Attack Program. Throughout his career, he has created multiple programs to help others understand the life saving measures that can save a life. In 1981 at St. Agnes Hospital, Dr. Bahr established the Chest Pain Emergency Department (CPED), the first such unit in the world. The initial purpose of this CPED was prompt and effective treatment of patients presenting with heart attack/sudden death. The CPED was coupled with an aggressive education program that taught the community the early warning signs of a heart attack. This education program extended to middle and high school students via health and science curricula.