How Do You Spread the EHAC Message?

EHAC Opening "Hearts" in Houston

When Noemi Melendres-Wozny, an ACC Accreditation Reviewer located in Houston said: "I am very involved in my church’s Parish Nurse Ministry" she wasn't kidding.

"Once a month, our team checks blood pressure of parishioners and provide education and counseling," said Noemi Melendres-Wozny. "I have done the EHAC Pledge to about 25 adults and school-age children during one of those Sundays, and have now recruited 2 retired teachers and 2 bilingual nurses who are passionate about doing this EHAC to all of our parishioners (26,000 members) and local schools."

Simply, that is how EHAC grows.  Noemi also inspired us to have Spanish-language EHAC brochures and badges, so she's changing more than just the lives of those in Houston: she's changing the communication to new communities.

Sharing at Banner Boswell Medical Center in Arizona

Kelly Wilson, the Heart Failure/Chest Pain Clinical Program Manager from Banner Boswell Medical Center in Arizona is a true EHAC champion! At her facility, she has taken the time to not only utilize the EHAC materials, she creates her own! We thank you, Kelly, for all of your time and efforts in saving a life within your community!

Share the message & the materials!

EHAC BrochureDeputy Heart Attack and EHAC, which are sponsored by ACC Accreditation Services (formerly Society of Patient Cardiovascular Patient Care) have created the materials you need to share with your community.

Thanks for Sharing EHAC!