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2020 Raymond Bahr Award Recipient

DHA/EHAC Congratulates the 2020 Raymond Bahr Award of Excellence Recipient:
Phillip Levy, MD, MPH, FACC

To understand the award:
The Bahr Award of Excellence named for Dr. Raymond Bahr, is presented annually to an individual who demonstrates extraordinary excellence, vision, and leadership in advancing health care. 

From the DHA/EHAC Team
Many will (and should) wax poetic about the career achievements of Dr. Levy. His work is (and will continue to be) a hard-earned list of achievements which truly demonstrates his commitment to improving standards of health. 

However, to the Deputy Heart Attack program and EHAC education team, Dr. Levy has been a driving force to help us exponentially grow the program.

For the last 15 years, Dr. Levy has held multiple positions on different boards and committees to help facilitate accreditation growth, processes, technology, and data. Throughout the years, he has helped our team utilize the education and ambassador outreach to look at ways we can reach new communities and save more lives.

Dr. Levy's unwavering support and innate understanding that education saves lives has provided the encouragement and yes, the challenges, to discover new ways to solve healthcare issues.

As many of you in education understand, there must be champions who will promote you while asking you to work harder. Find new ways. Look at different channels. Evaluate technology. Thanks to this support and due to our work in 2020, we look forward to 2021 where we will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of DHA/EHAC and the release of our new insight-based education. Dr. Levy was a driving force behind the longevity of our program and will be with us as we release the new education. 

There is a joke the team often shares about "pushing the Bahr." It doesn't take a genius to understand the origin. It means passion, mission, dedication and moving around the roadblocks. Dr. Levy is the definition of "pushing the Bahr." Thus we congratulate and give heart-felt thanks to Dr. Levy for being our champion and the deserved recipient of the 2020 Bahr Award of Excellence.

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